Our Process

Email admin@theplanspot.com.au to notify The Plan Spot of a new SoA to complete.  Please ensure that this includes the essential client information that may be required to prepare the plan.  This may include:

  1. Paraplanning Checklist

  2. Client Fact Find information

  3. Replacement of product information

  4. Insurance Quotes

  5. Financial advice recommendations

  6. Client fees and charges

  7. Any other relevant information that will help the paraplanner to customise and ‘tell the client story’ in the Statement of Advice

The Plan Spot will review this information and send a ‘plan summary’ email to the adviser to ensure all details have been captured correctly.

The Plan Spot will email the finalised document ready for the adviser’s perusal.

The Plan Spot will invoice your practice for work completed at the end of each month.